Ode to a Closed Lido…

The Lido’s closed, they pulled the plug:
The water’s draining fast.
The squiggly writing on the walls
Can now be seen at last
By those who all the summer through
Swam goggle-less in the sparkly blue.
No more the shock when diving in
Or walking in the shallows:
As freezing water smites the pores
And circulation narrows.
As scrotums shrink and nipples perk
Oh! Please my heart – beat on and work!
It’s clear to see – the loss is great:
And not just of a swim.
The reason now for café life,
Intercourse devoid of strife,
Means few are found within.
Whilst without, the empty pool
Mocks us in the autumn’s cool.
But courage – winter’s but a pause
And soon will come the spring.
Our cossies from the deepest drawer
Into the light we’ll bring.
And round the pool with much delight
There’ll be laughter – clear and bright.
The Lido lives – despite the year
In those, its friends, who hold it dear…

Kevin Fitzpatrick, 17 October 10