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‘Good morrow, Benedick. Why, what’s the matter,

That you have such a February face,

So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?’

 ~William Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing (Act V, Scene 4, Don Pedro)


What indeed, when we are still celebrating our very first Brockwell Lido Cold Water Gala? What a joyous success! Congratulations to Tara who, with her usual flair and enthusiasm (nice cossie Tara!!) once again turned an idea into a reality. Thanks to the MANY volunteers, who offered cables and sound systems, put up and took down gazebos, handed out hot drinks and did so much more. Without your support the Gala would never have happened. Thanks to the brilliant cake makers (delicious cakes by the way) and of course the brave swimmers who removed all neoprene, donned their superb Gala caps, stripped down to their Speedos and ploughed across the choppy waters for their team’s honour.  Whoever organised the sun to shine all day, you did a great job!   Huge thanks to our sponsors; Bon Vélo, Myla and Davis, Health Hub London, InterSport Herne Hill, The Lido Café and Fusion Lifestyle for the hot tubs. Could these be a permanent fixture?  And of course, applause and respect to Clive Broadbent, who opened the Gala by swimming an entire length of the lido with a Dalek strapped to his head! We say hurrah and thanks to Clive. Perhaps a Cyberman next year?


Video courtesy of Jason Cobb!


Do you take part in the weekly Park Run that starts near the Lido every Saturday morning? Or do you have a view about it, any view, anything you object to or welcome? Things we know: it is free to take part, it is supported by many volunteers, it is hugely popular. Please send your comments, whether positive or negative to us at BLU  via the contact form, so we can feed them back to Brockwell Park Community Partners and Park Run.



BLU held an Emergency General Meeting on 25th January in response to a complaint by a member about the way our election was conducted at our AGM in September 2014. A new committee was duly elected at the EGM and you can read the minutes here.



BLU holds monthly meetings with the Lido General Manager to discuss suggestions and complaints about any aspect of the running of the Lido. This month, our chair, CJ, and Clare, the Lido General Manager, discussed many issues ranging from the choice of music in the gym through closures of the hydro pool, to how a disabled user can register for an extra hour of free parking.  Some of you will already be aware that the wet side changing rooms have reopened post refurbishment!  Be sure that anything that was not resolved at this meeting will be at the top of the agenda for next month! BUT we can’t solve the problems if we don’t know about them. It’s up to you to inform us. Watch out for new photos of all committee members on the BLU noticeboards, so you can come and talk to us OR leave comments at reception. Remember, it helps us if you are pro active too.



The recent hydro pool problems have mostly been user-generated. Glass (yes, really!) bottles have been taken into the spa area and broken. Lotions and potions have caused the water to become unsafe. PLEASE observe requests for considerate behaviour, which benefits all users. If you see other users abuse the system, tell a member of staff.



Shelley Silas has become the very first Writer in Residence at the Lido. She will be writing in The Lido Cafe 2.30-4.30 on Mondays. Shelley says she is very happy for people to come and talk to her. “In fact I would like as much distraction as possible…it’s all part of the creative process!”



You can now find the daily water temperature on our Twitter feed AND our pool opening times. We felt this was an important addition because opening and closing times vary with changing light conditions.  For those who like to be organised, pool opening times until the summer season begins in April, are available in the drop down on Information link on our home page.

Lastly, thanks to donations from our Christmas Day Swim, some glossy pics have been added to the walls of the changing rooms.

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